Aicall- Cheap International Call & Phone Call for Wi-Fi IOS App Review

Aicall Cheap International Call   Phone Call For Wifi on the App Store
Turn your dream of talking to your friends and family abroad for long hours a reality with Aicall. This app is designed with the purpose of making you focus more on the conversation you have rather than the phone bill. It connects you to people across 200 countries at rates that are surprisingly affordable. All that Aicall needs is a onetime registration that entitles you to unlimited cheap calls to anyone you want, anywhere you want. If you relocate to a new place you don’t have to get a new SIM card to make a call. The registration is enough. The app does not charge any connection ...

Time2Budget | Time & Task Manager IOS App Review

Time to Budget_IOS_Logo
Everyone gets the same 24 hours in a day. But some people end up making a difference because they know what to do in the 24 hours that they get. For all others out there, here is Time2Budget, a savior of an app that helps you manage your time effectively and efficiently. Time2Budget understands your busy schedule by using its time tracking and task list features. This makes it easier for you to attend to all aspects of your life such as work meetings, personal commitments, and social gatherings. With its user friendly platform that understands your needs, Time2Budget, helps by making...

Voico App Review

Voico on the App Store
Have a lot of international calls to make? Download Voico, a wonderful app using which you can talk to your heart’s content without worrying about the whopping phone bills. The app lets you make free calls to anyone you want no matter where they live. Voico also covers countries like US, Canada and Mexico. Voico offers you the ability to make video calls. If there is communication problem because the other person does not understand your language, don’t worry. Voico’s translator feature translates the language you speak to the one the other person understands. Special Features of the...

Drive Time Calculator App Review

Drive Time Calculator_IOS_Icon
Going on a road trip? Do not forget Drive Time Calculator, the ultimate app that has every possible information about every possible aspect related to your drive. From identifying the direction you must go into suggesting the turns you must take and the stops you can relax at, Drive Time Calculator is a wonderful driving companion. Apart from this, the app calculates the distance between the source and the destination and gives you the estimated time of travel. It also tells you the fuel mileage of your vehicle so you can prepare accordingly if going on a long route. The app further cal...

Fanpage | App Review

Don’t let your love for your favorite celebrity go unnoticed. Get Fanpage, an amazing app that allows you express all your feelings by letting you create a page for them. Fanpage is not just limited to letting you create pages for celebrities alone. If you have a favorite book, song, series, video game or whatever it is that you are a fan of and want the world to know, Fanpage is what you need. The app is designed to give you exceptional user experience through its interactive interface. It is the ultimate source of entertainment that also lets you share the pages you create and gath...

InviteUnite – Address Book Sync App Review

Are you tired of sharing your contact information with people because there are just too many people or too many contacts? Worry not as InviteUnite comes to you to solve all your problems. Using this app you can share more than one contact at a single time. How? By creating custom groups that other people in your contacts can join and view all your contact information without bothering you. Special Features of the app are:- Using this app you can create shared groups using which you can merge and share your contact information. Whenever someone joins your group, you get notified...

Push-Bot App Review

Push Bot_IOS_Icon
Robots are meant to be all systematic and functional, but not so much in Push-Bot a game that is centered on a disabled robot. All that this robot has is his arms and that too are not completely functional. The game is all about this small robot’s adventure. His story started when fell off the assembly line and because of that he never got fully built. You have to use the principles of momentum and rotation to help the robot use his arms and make his way through the abandoned factory. Special Features of the game:- There are two modes available in the game A. Campaign Mode B.T...

Daily Motivator App REVIEW

Daily Motivator App on the App Store
Motivation is the primary prerequisite you need to achieve any target. But you cannot always keep running to people and seek the motivation you need. Worry not for we come to you with Daily Motivator. This one of a kind app will send you quotes that are motivational and inspirational and make sure help you stay focused on your goal. Special Features of the app:- The goal directed quotes will make sure that you do not lose track of working towards achieving your goal. If you are facing an obstacle which is stopping your from achieve your goal then Daily Motivator will revitalize ...

System Figures App Review

In the life that we lead today, it is impossible to imagine going through a day without our precious mobile phones. Yet in this deep rooted love we have for our mobiles, it becomes quite easy to overlook that fact that we need to monitor its functioning on a regular basis. System Figures is an app that helps you accomplish just that. The app allows you to go through all the software and hardware details of your mobile such as the memory usage, disk usage, CPU usage and the details of the operating system. Regular analysis of these aspects of your mobile phone will help you in optimis...

Lotti Dotti App Review

Lotti Dotti on the App Store
If you are looking for a sure shot way to kill your boredom and charge yourself up then Lotti Dotti is the way to go. Featured as one of the most addictive apps on app store, Lotti Dotti breaks the conventional dot game style by requiring you to collect the dots instead of connecting them for a change. Designed with a unique game play and an attractive platform, Lotti Dotti offers the best experience in terms of gaming. The interesting graphics of the game will make sure that you come back to play it whenever you are free. Lotti Dotti primarily has three dots, red, green and blue. Th...